Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Best of the best awards

One of my favorite actors that become my inspiration is Nicole Kidman. In my opinion, she is the next favorite actor that should be nominating as the best actor. The reason is quite simple; I like her performance in several movies that I watched. However, I also have to thank to Directsattv, since because of its service I can watch my favorite Nicole Kidman plays without any trouble.

Directsattv is one of the leading dealers and satellite services which famous over the internet. I choose this dealer because they can provide me various TV channels without problem and I can order for my custom channels too. I quite interest with movies channels since I like to spend my time watching movies. In the other hand, I often watch Nicole Kidman on Movies channels that I had watched; somehow, that woman is never regretting me. I also like when she played ‘the forgotten’ movies, I guess she played it totally. Best of the Best Awards could belong any time to her no matter it is.

In the other hand, BoB Awards could belong to anyone including my favorite one. However, Awards is not merely for actors or movies but it can be for the best blog or the best website design, or anything as long as it is worth. As Nicole Kidman whom always has possibility as best actor, through here I want you all choose me, please nominate me in the Best of the Best Awards!

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