Friday, December 26, 2008


The price of gas and petrol steady climbing the country, drivers are looking forward to the next wave of cars that will look great, serve their needs, and save their money at the pump. At auto shows around the world this past year, more and more cars manufacturer were showing concept cars that were green, ones that used little to no gas.

Toyota Prius is an example of a hybrid car which are available and being used in recent days. Yups,.. all cars will gone green in the next view years. But, the problem is hybrid parts and accessories are still rarely founded in recent days.

Juicedhybrid is a new source for hybrid parts and accessories. It's a great site with lots of Prius and Hybrid Accessories. Here you will find any kind of fuel saving products that improve efficiency and performance and also lower the emissions. The Prius electric only mode will allows you to switch to Electric Only Mode and operate a Prius up to 34 MPH with increased efficiency.

It increase fuel efficiency and Performance with this easily installed electric only mode chip upgrade. The EVMODE Chip activates the factory option that is not available for North American Hybrids. Toyota installs this programming in every Prius before it leaves the factory in Japan.

You just need to visit this site to see the details of any hybrid parts which ara availabel. They have collections for Honda, Toyota, Lexus, Chevrolet, Nissan, Mazda, Tesla, Porche, and some other products.

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